A couple of Haiku for fun.

Ripped shirt pocketUse needle and thread to mend itGood as new again A possible final line could be “there, good as new.” I’m still figuring out Haiku writing. This one is inspired by doing laundry on a rainy day. Beep! Tumble dryerIndicates it has finishedTime to fold our clothes I’m enjoying this! Here is aContinue reading “A couple of Haiku for fun.”

He’s one of us, he’s a Goodfella.

I’m reminded of the time I was a Goodfella and we had a gang meeting.There was Micky EyesME “What’s up fella”Pete the KillerPtK “I took care of that thing for you”Sally Balls’ brother Fat AndyFA “Salute”And Jimmy Ninety Two Times. He got that name because he said everything 92 timesJ92x “I’m going to get theContinue reading “He’s one of us, he’s a Goodfella.”

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