Practice makes perfect (or thereabouts).

I’ve spent the morning shooting air pistols as part of several online competitions. This comes off of the back of a month of practice with various pistols. I’ve fired over 700 shots whilst concentrating on different aspects of shooting. One of the stand out moments was getting my Luger replica out. This pistol is notContinue reading “Practice makes perfect (or thereabouts).”

I’ve shared “A Glimpse of Yosemite” below.

I’ve shared a follower’s blog below. I’ve shared the post A Glimpse of Yosemite as it has some very nice photos of Yosemite national park in America. The blogger has other posts and photos of hikes they have done and I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through their posts. Go check them out.

He’s one of us, he’s a Goodfella.

I’m reminded of the time I was a Goodfella and we had a gang meeting.There was Micky EyesME “What’s up fella”Pete the KillerPtK “I took care of that thing for you”Sally Balls’ brother Fat AndyFA “Salute”And Jimmy Ninety Two Times. He got that name because he said everything 92 timesJ92x “I’m going to get theContinue reading “He’s one of us, he’s a Goodfella.”

Small steps, small victories, it adds up to something bigger than its parts.

I resolved to fire 50 pellets every day at 6 yards distance to try to improve my shooting. I’ve focused on various aspects of the shooting cycle such as trigger pull, breath control, psychology etc. I’ve managed to do it most days for about 30 days. Today I made a conscious effort to aim forContinue reading “Small steps, small victories, it adds up to something bigger than its parts.”

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