What a Tanker! Garage Wars.

Had a game of What a Tanker! against gaming pal Dan last night. We played a scenario where the defenders don’t know what road the attacker is on until they try to acquire a target. Is it an enemy tank or a stray cow! BOOM! Burgers. Once the attack is realised the defenders must regroupContinue reading “What a Tanker! Garage Wars.”

Pleased lockdown is lifting.

We had friends over this morning who we’ve not seen for 3 months. I played some What a Tanker! and had a chat. I had a quick lunch and then went to the range to meet up with my shooting friends. I had my BSA Lightening GRT .177 which was a Christmas present that hadContinue reading “Pleased lockdown is lifting.”

In Chaos Shadow by Frank Regan.

https://wp.me/p4ptWJ-14o I’m having a bit of a dry spell with my poetry and Haiku. I’m reading other people’s poetry and have linked to Frank’s website above for your entertainment. I think the problem is I’ve not done anything for a few days. I will go for a nice bike ride tomorrow and with any luckContinue reading “In Chaos Shadow by Frank Regan.”

40+ Followers. Thank you all.

I’m very grateful to my followers. You give me motivation to keep blogging and your blogs educate me also. I have posted a picture of my home town of Bristol. You can see the world famous Clifton suspension bridge over the Avon Gorge. Wikipedia – Clifton suspension bridge Bristol is a nice city with lotsContinue reading “40+ Followers. Thank you all.”

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