Star Wars Imperial Assault Game.

I bought this game some time ago in a sale. I’ve never played it. My son found it in the loft and asked to play it. This filled me with trepidation!

You see, my son has no truck with following the rules. He selected Darth Vader as his character and UPGRADED HIM!

It’s great to be a kid. I let him beat up the Jedi for a while and then we watched YouTube to learn how to play properly. It’s a good game but I think the campaign element isn’t for Joshua. There are rules for stand alone skirmishes that may suit him better.

Giving Vader an upgrade.

Garage games.

What a Tanker in 15mm scale.

Nigel came over and we had a couple of games in the garage. Nigel chose Soviets with a Sherman and Matilda as his two tanks. I played Germany with a Panzer 3 and 4 as my tanks.

We played two games. Neither of us could get decisive shots on target and both games were grinding matches.

At the end of the evening my Panzer 3 had 3 kill rings whilst no other tank had any. This will give me 3 Tanker Cards next week.

I see a Sherman through the trees.

Strange day.

I’ve had a strange day today. I had a few things I wanted to do but I woke up feeling exhausted and by lunch time I had to go back to bed. I slept for 6 hours and now feel better.

I put it down to starting back at work and being more active in the week coupled with not sleeping well due to pain in my hip.

An hour’s fun.

It was like I was a kid again, only better. I bought 3 Zvezda tanks in 15mm scale. A British Matilda, an American Sherman and a German Ferdinand.

I’d not bought from Zvezda before but had heard they have a great reputation, so I was confident of a good product. However what I got was a great product!

At less than £10 each delivered they are a well engineered snap together model. I’ve sat for less than an hour and snapped together all 3. As a kid I always needed glue to make models. Usually the glue ended up on all surfaces and I would run out before finishing models. Also glue was extra so I often had to save up pocket money so I could … You get the picture.

Fun model kits.

I think these or ones like it are great for kids aged 8 to 80. All you need is a pair of wire snips to get the parts off of the sprue frame.

What a Tanker! Garage Wars.

Had a game of What a Tanker! against gaming pal Dan last night. We played a scenario where the defenders don’t know what road the attacker is on until they try to acquire a target. Is it an enemy tank or a stray cow! BOOM! Burgers. Once the attack is realised the defenders must regroup and fight.

The attackers are supposed to destroy the building which is a supply depot. Unfortunately I never got that far as Dan put up a great defence and saw off my assault.

Germans 3 Vs Soviet 1.

Pic 1 shows tanks moving on both roads but 1 column is a decoy.
Pic 2 shows Dan has detected which road the Soviet tanks are on and moves to attack.
Pic 3 shows the end with 3 Soviet tanks ablaze.

An error, I believe.

I’m in pain. Today was my first full day back at work since Christmas. I commuted on my e-bike and this morning there were only 2 bars on the power indicator.

I thought I would have enough power to get to and from work. I put the motor into “tour”, which is low assistance, and set off. I’d used 1 bar by the time I reached work and thought I could be in trouble. The journey home is more up hill.

I set off for home and before I even reached the hill the battery was out of power. Cycling without the assistance was very hard up hill and has aggravated my arthritis. I ended up walking and pushing the bike.

I won’t be making that mistake again. I try to look at the positive and make sure I have 3 power bars or the charger with me before I set off.

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