Stargrave Big Game.

4 of us are playing off in a game of Stargrave by Joseph McCullough.

It’s going badly for me as I’ve lost my Captain and I’m under attack from both flanks

Monster in the rear!

However, death is not certain in Stargrave. We’ll see what is what in the post game phase.

It’s been a long time…

What can I say? I got out of the habit of blogging. I’ll try and recapture the magic.

Catapult or slingshot.

I’ve been learning to shoot a catapult. It’s harder than it looks. I’m about 20% accurate at the moment. Sometimes I miss so badly I lose the ball bearing!

Still practice makes perfect.

Kings of War – a game.

I played 3rd edition Kings of War by Mantic Games last night. This is a table top war game for two players. I haven’t played KoW for about three years and I was keen to learn the new edition.

To cut a long story short I made several rookie errors that allowed Ed, my opponent, to snatch a narrow victory. I did, however, learn a lot and also fielded a zombie legion in my army. I had fun and look forward to our next game.

Zombies Vs Rat Monster.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Museum.

The kids and I spent an enjoyable hour at the REME Museum out Chippenham way. Basically the REME love putting winches and hoists on things. I could have spent longer and will go back without the kids. If you listen to and read all the displays etc, it’s a couple of hours. Also a café on site.

WW2 Churchill recovery vehicle.
I put my hat on the Churchill at around 6′ for scale. Big beast!
Bedford lorry with generator and workshop. There are a couple of lathes and other machine tools.
A Challenger recovery vehicle with bulldozer blade.
A little arctic runabout that looked like it was home made.

My uncle Dan had served in the REME at the end of WW2. I had not realised how close to my house this museum is. It took about 45 minutes to get there, so no excuse for not going back.

What a Tanker again!

Nigel Ashcroft came over for some WaT! action. We played a scenario where a fuel dump had to be destroyed/ defended. We managed to get 2 games in, both of us acting in each role. The idea was to shoot the big silver fuel tank and score 2 permanent damage hits. The fuel tank was armour 4 and had to be acquired and aimed at.
In game 1 Nigel’s Red Witches defended the fuel dump well, taking the fight to my Panzer Group. The Panzer 4 was “brewed up” and lost 4 kill rings 😫. The StuG was whittled down and having lost 5 command dice, the crew abandoned it. Although Nigel had lost a T34, because the crew survived, both his tanks got a kill ring for successfully defending the fuel tank.
In game 2, to cut a long story short, Nigel tried using the speed of the T34’s to assault the fuel tank but failed. A win to me.
It made a nice change to have a scenario driven game.

The table is a little crowded.
Nigel had a hit on the fuel tank but the StuG finishes him off before he can do anything else.

Stargrave Campaign.

I played the second game in my Stargrave campaign against top gaming chum Steve. The first game saw me emerge victorious. Tonight was different. We played the Salvage Crew scenario.


The first turn saw Steve’s gunner knock off 20% of my crew in turn 1. Whilst not the end of the world it did limit my options.

The dog and the robot are out of the game.

I managed to grab 2 loot counters and shoot a couple of Steve’s crew but decided to cut my losses and bug out before his flamethrower armed 1st mate got into range. Victory to Steve.

We only had 2 Ryakan turn up, one right at the end, so they didn’t figure in the game. I ended up with 125 xp to add to the 75 left from last time so I upgraded both the captain and the 1st mate.

I’m looking forward to the next game!

Slightly overwhelmed.

I’ve taken on too many projects! I’ve got What a Tanker! WW3 Team Yankee, O Group, Kings of War, Stargrave and Star Wars Imperial Assault on the go.

Not to mention gardening and garage projects. Plus it’s half term and I’ve promised the kids a few days out and about.

I think I need to prioritize Stargrave as I’m playing that on Sunday. The kids next as they are happy to mess about at home but I want them to stretch their legs a bit more. The garage and garden next, then we’ll see what is what.

I’ve not kept up my air pistol shooting, so that needs addressing soon. Too many hobbies!

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