Scrub a dub dub.

We did a deep clean of our bedroom today. This is due to me finding “carpet moths” over the last week. We had an infestation a few years ago. There always seemed to be 1 or 2 moths in the front room no matter how many I swatted.

We eventually found a “nest” under the TV unit. It was somewhere that we couldn’t vacuum easily. The moths live on/eat the wool in the carpet and lay their eggs in the carpet. If you don’t vacuum clean regularly you can get an issue (I’m not sure how the first pregnant female moth gets in but nature finds a way).

We spent about 5 hours, moved all the furniture and vacuumed like mad! We also had a good sort out of bedding that was stored under the bed. Some of it was old and worn – that went for recycling. Some was in good condition and went to charity. We also found some things that my wife will re-work with her sewing machine.

We are both a little tired but happy with the knowledge of a job well done. ( It has generated about 3 machines of laundry for tomorrow but still – needs must!)

3D printing.

A friend had lent me a 3D printer. It’s the sort that melts plastic and lays it down in a pattern. I’ve found a nice few pieces of 15mm scale buildings that I will print if possible.

My first attempt was a section of damaged wall. This only took 3 hours to print. The smallest building is a 17 hour job, the bigger buildings are 24+ hours to print.

A section of 3D printed wall.

Working on some scenarios for What a Tanker!

Inspired by the book Tank Commander by Bill Close, I’ve been messing around with a couple of scenarios.

Bill Close talks of arriving in Calais in 1940. As soon as the British A10 and A13 Cruisers are unloaded the initial reconnaissances missions run into German Panzer and anti-tank guns. It soon became obvious Calais was surrounded and they had no option but to evacuate. Some of the tanks weren’t even unloaded from the transport ship. Bill was in Calais for 3 days!

My first scenario idea is to have 2 roads that lead to a building. Set up is long ball and I put lots of obstacles down the middle. The defenders need to set up to defend both roads as they don’t know which road the attacker is coming down. The attackers must all be on the same road as they are operating as a unit.

Next is a variation. The defenders are parked up by the buildings and should be roughly equal distance from the roads. There are 4 markers at 1, 2, 3 and 4 foot. The defenders don’t roll command dice until they “detect” the attacker. When an attacker passes a marker, at the end of the whole turn, roll 2D6. At 1st marker you need 8 or more, 2nd marker a 6 or more, then a 4 and finally a roll of double 1 means the defenders are still unaware. After 1 more turn the defenders automatically come into the game and initiative is rolled. The defenders must now swarm out and see off the attack. The attackers must be on the same road.

The defenders are trying to protect the building which is a makeshift supply dump. The attackers are trying to probe the defenders position and if they can drive them off and seize the supplies, so much the better.

Another variation was a different table set up with the defenders taking part from the off. The catch is that the attackers don’t reveal which road they are on until the defenders have line of sight. You can use markers or extra tanks as decoys. All attackers must be on the same road.

Some pictures to help explain.

A project that took a little longer than expected.

Towards the end of November 2020 a friend of mine made a useful shooting target out of a decommissioned steel services cupboard. The new cupboards are plastic, so there are several of these metal ones knocking about if you know who to ask. Anyway, he gave me a cupboard and left it for me at the shooting range on 2nd January 2021.

On Friday just gone I was able to go and pick it up as the shooting range reopened. I finally put it up today. I had thought about it as I realized it was heavy and the door only opens about 120°. This would put stress on the fixtures that could be a problem.

Here ’tis.

So the door has been removed and the pellet catchers are held in by strong magnets and supported with wood. I’m going to change this and insert some hooks. I’m going to fashion a lighter door from MDF.

A new take on potatoes?

I had a nice day today visiting family. We were treated to a chicken lunch which was delicious.

The potatoes were cooked using an air fryer oven. They were very tasty and I am thinking of buying an air fryer. My son has “gone off” of certain potato preps – will eat roast and boiled, won’t eat baked or mashed. Kids!!

My wife had said I can’t buy any more gadgets until I tidy up and sort out the kitchen cupboards. That’s my bank holiday Monday then.

Mindful eating.

I’ve been working on mindful eating habits for a couple of weeks now and, to be honest, it’s hard for this old dog to learn a new trick!

It’s not really a trick, it’s just that I, like many others, take food for granted. People in the West are now dieing from obesity due to overeating. I’m overweight and part of the program I’m following requires me to practice mindfulness whilst eating.

The basics are to rid yourself of distraction – TV off, phone away, laptop closed etc. I’m supposed to take a bite of food, put my fork down and focus on the food in my mouth. Texture, heat, flavour etc. I’m also supposed to look at the food and be mindful of colour, shape, smell etc.

When I can concentrate on it the process is successful. The idea is that you attune yourself and you recognise when you have eaten enough (less than you my think). I’m successful 30% of the time as I usually shovel my food down whilst chatting with my family and watching TV or checking Facebook or something. Old habits die hard.

I hope to persevere and bump success above 50%. I think it is worth the effort to help me get my weight down.

Pleased lockdown is lifting.

We had friends over this morning who we’ve not seen for 3 months. I played some What a Tanker! and had a chat.

My friend Steve destroys my tank for the win!

I had a quick lunch and then went to the range to meet up with my shooting friends. I had my BSA Lightening GRT .177 which was a Christmas present that had only been out twice before lockdown.

I managed to hit the 30 yard bell several times, which I was pleased with because it was a windy day today. I also had a good chat with all of the guys up there.

The bell is by the round wooden drum to the right.

Now I’m at home watching Kelly’s Heroes on TV.

A mundane day.

I had a couple of online meetings today. In between those I deep cleaned the downstairs bathroom/utility room.

I also made a soup. I chopped 1 onion, 1 red pepper, 2 sticks of celery and 4 big carrots. I lightly fried them in a sauce pan for 10 minutes and then added 2 pints of vegetable stock made from 2 stock cubes and a small baked potato that was left over from 2 days ago (I usually add a spud as it helps thicken the soup). Salt and pepper and simmer for 15 minutes covered. I then whizzed it up with a hand/stick blender.

It made enough soup for my wife and I to have for lunch plus 2 portions in the fridge for another day.

Wise old tree.

Our tree has blossomed. Unfortunately it looks like we are in for a cold snap as the weather changes. Oh well.

Fantastic day.

The day started well as both my wife and I were working from home and the children were at school. Let’s just say we had a leisurely start to our day.

I earned brownie points by deep cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Everything in there was washed and polished to within an inch of its life! That reminds me, I must remind the children to wring out their flannels, there was limescale on the radiator!

War gamers garage.

I’ve been getting my gaming table in the garage sorted out. The green felt cloth arrived today so I got all my terrain out for the first time in 2 years to see what I have and its condition. I also decided to have a small solo game of What a Tanker! from the Too Fat Lardies. I’m really enjoying that set of rules.

It was such a lovely day that I sat in the sun trap and painted Necrons for the Warhammer 40K game. I hope to use them tomorrow in a game with my son.

Before and after.

I was having such a fun day that about 3pm I suddenly realised I hadn’t received any emails from work. I checked my phone and got an error message. I went in and fired up the laptop. Luckily no-one was trying to reach me. People are winding down for Easter.

I then made up a recipe for dinner. Rice and vegetables, lamb, onion, garlic and Mediterranean spices gave us each a tasty bowl of nosh. My daughter complained but you can’t please everyone 😆

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