So tired …

Had a bad few nights. I’ve not been sleeping properly and I’m convinced I have sleep apnea. Not to mention that yesterday I went for a walk with my kids and whilst I was waiting for them to explore and rush about I got cold and my arthritis started to ache.

I fell asleep on the sofa today. I was supposed to go out with the kids again but was unable to summon the energy. I’ve not done any pistol shooting today either.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Don’t forget the basics.

It’s strange how we sometimes forget the basics. There are varying schools of thought as to how often you should clean the barrel of your air gun. Some say never, others say after every tin of pellets (500 shots) fired through the gun and a dozen other opinions. What seems to be agreed upon is that if an accurate gun starts to lose that accuracy then you should clean the barrel.

I couldn’t remember when I last cleaned the Weihrauch HW75 and thought it would be a good idea to use my Napier cleaning kit to pull through some cleaning cloths. The first cloth came out quite dirty but the second one was almost pristine, so I stopped at 2. I then put 10 shots through the pistol to re-lead the barrel. I then put 5 shots on target.

Firing at 6 metre distance.

I’m very pleased with the accuracy and consistency of the 75. I’m pretty sure any miss of the bullseye is “user error”.

A YouTube poem.

Why is there a man dressed in yellow, shouting.

Why is he telling me everything he is doing as loudly as he can?

I should just click on something to get a change of scene.

Maybe a reaction vid or a car crash or a failing man.

Yellow fellow claims he is eating a Ghost Pepper.

If true then he is a hero but I feel it’s a scam.

I can’t help but watch the shouting yellow clad man.

Daily Dose of Living

I like this article. I think the advice within it is worth considering. I’ve copied it to my blog.

Get ready to maximise your potential, maximise your living with empress2inspire’s new posts series “Daily Dose of Living”. These series will bring you the best in personal development and productivity every day of the week. Your best life awaits. In today’s post we will continue to learn about mindfulness for our super busy lives. The best […]

Daily Dose of Living

CO2 .177 Legend S25 Revolver Air Pistol.

6 shooter.

When I first saw that Umarex made this pistol I instantly put it on my wishlist. It reminded me of the cop shows from the 1970’s. Shows like Kojak, The Streets of San Francisco and Starskey and Hutch. Every cop had a revolver – even Dirty Harry.

The Legend S25 comes with 6 shells that hold the pellets and fit in the 6 chambers. It also comes with a speed loader and a weaver rail add on. I have bought 6 extra shells so I can pretend I’m a tough cop in gun fight with villains. I have used the weaver rail to attach a laser but it spoilt the esthetic of the pistol.

The pistol isn’t that accurate but with careful aim you can get 6 pellets in a 2 inch circle with the adjustable open sights. I’ve experimented with different pellet makes and the pistol does have a preference.

The pistol is fun to shoot and is a wishlist tick, so I will keep it in my collection.

A month ago …

It’s still healing.

It’s been a month since I inflicted “Baseball Finger” on myself when taking my sock off. I have a significant swelling/hard lump on the first knuckle. The medical advice is to keep it straight so the ligament can reconnect.

The medical advice also says the swelling my not go away, I may not get full mobility and/or strength back. Somewhat serious for a sock related injury.

The medical advice is online. I’ve not seen my doctor as we are in lockdown and it is, in the grand scheme, a trivial injury. I may have to get it sorted in a year or two even if I have to pay for it privately. It’s still early yet, hopefully it will heal with no complications.

Another angle.

Pellet selection.

.177 air pistol.

I’ve had the HW75 for about 6 months now. The person I bought it from said they used JSB Exact pellets, a good quality pellet and the one I use in both of my PCP rifles. I was pleased with the performance of the pistol but often got a “flyer”, a shot that didn’t go where you expected.

I’ve been doing extensive practice over the last week and noticed that some of the flyers were not down to user error. Could the JSB’s not be the ideal pellet for my pistol?

I had a few different pellets and decided to do some testing. I found the H&N Sport Match Heavy pellet performance was more consistent so they are now my pellet of choice.

Today was a good day.

I had a good day today just getting some storage solutions put up in the garage. What pleased me was it was all wood and fixings that I repurposed.

The wood was once part of a bunk bed from 15 years ago. That bed has been involved in many home projects over the years!

I also managed to find some useful shooting videos on YouTube and made myself a blinder from an old plastic milk jug. The blinder allows you to shoot with both eyes open but it blocks your view in one eye.

I didn’t do any significant target shooting today. I got out the CO2 pistols and had a bit of a play. Great fun just blazing away with the blowback 1911 and the P08. I had to adapt a cardboard box and some old magazines to make a BB catcher as they tend to get everywhere if I’m not careful!


Keep up the good work.


I’ve managed to keep up with shooting practice but have cut it down to 25 shots in a session simply because it is cold in the garage and it’s not supposed to be a test of endurance!

I stuck 2 shoot’n’see disks to a zombie target and put it out at 6 yards. I’ve been doing a lot of 2 handed shooting and did so at the lower disk. I practiced 1 handed shots at the upper disk.

I’m comfortable with the 2 handed grip and mostly hit what I aimed for. 1 handed was a bit of a disaster, I even had 1 shot miss the target completely! The longer I tried to get on target the more tired my arm became and the more the pistol waved about. I’m thinking of doing strength training to increase stability.

I’m going to search YouTube for Olympic pistol shooting skills to see if I can pick up any pointers. I watched an Indian champion go through their pre and post shot routine, I’ll have to dig it out again and assimilate the information therein.

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