Roadmap out of lockdown.

Some light at the end of the tunnel. We should soon be allowed to have family around for food and conversation. Hopefully by the end of March I’ll be able to go to the shooting range again. With luck we can go to a restaurant for my son’s birthday at the end of April. AndContinue reading “Roadmap out of lockdown.”

Milk and a biscuit. A poem.

Inspired by the night time ritual with my children. “A glass of milk, alone, is a splendid treat. A biscuit, solo, tastes oh so sweet. There must have been a time when milk and biscuit were sister and brother because when taken together they complement one another. Just before bed they can help you sleep.”Continue reading “Milk and a biscuit. A poem.”

That’s it for 11 months.

The Christmas decorations are boxed up and back upstairs in the junk room, as my wife refers to the room we store all the necessary bits and bobs to run a family household. Just a few sweets, mince pies and a drop of Rum to finish off before Christmas is really over. I expect everyoneContinue reading “That’s it for 11 months.”

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