What a Tanker.

I found the What a Tanker stuff in a bag whilst looking for something else. It is a table top game from Too Fat Lardies, writers of some very good rules.

1 on 1 solo game.

I thought the game would lend itself to solo play and I was rusty on the rules. I decided on a training mission between a Panzer 2 Vs Panzer 3. They are similar but with a slight edge to the P3.

The game went in the opposite direction. The P2 managed to get the first shot on target and take away 2 command dice temporarily. The P3 never recovered and was on the back foot as the P2 manoeuvred into a better position to make its shots count. Win for the P2!

The game is fast and simple and works well with about 3 tanks per player. I plan to play again at the weekend and try to get my kids interested.

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