Slightly overwhelmed.

I’ve taken on too many projects! I’ve got What a Tanker! WW3 Team Yankee, O Group, Kings of War, Stargrave and Star Wars Imperial Assault on the go. Not to mention gardening and garage projects. Plus it’s half term and I’ve promised the kids a few days out and about. I think I need toContinue reading “Slightly overwhelmed.”

Gaming in the garage.

I’ve been fortunate to have a few friends over on separate days in the last couple of weeks. Dan on Monday, Nigel on Thursday and Steve whenever he can. We’ve been playing What a Tanker and Stargrave. Tanker is a funny game. Thursday against Nigel saw neither of us able to roll a decent setContinue reading “Gaming in the garage.”

Working on some scenarios for What a Tanker!

Inspired by the book Tank Commander by Bill Close, I’ve been messing around with a couple of scenarios. Bill Close talks of arriving in Calais in 1940. As soon as the British A10 and A13 Cruisers are unloaded the initial reconnaissances missions run into German Panzer and anti-tank guns. It soon became obvious Calais wasContinue reading “Working on some scenarios for What a Tanker!”

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