Slightly overwhelmed.

I’ve taken on too many projects! I’ve got What a Tanker! WW3 Team Yankee, O Group, Kings of War, Stargrave and Star Wars Imperial Assault on the go. Not to mention gardening and garage projects. Plus it’s half term and I’ve promised the kids a few days out and about. I think I need toContinue reading “Slightly overwhelmed.”

A project that took a little longer than expected.

Towards the end of November 2020 a friend of mine made a useful shooting target out of a decommissioned steel services cupboard. The new cupboards are plastic, so there are several of these metal ones knocking about if you know who to ask. Anyway, he gave me a cupboard and left it for me atContinue reading “A project that took a little longer than expected.”

It’s a matter of opinion.

A couple of new spring powered air pistols arrived today from those wonderful people at in Wales. I bought them because my original 17+ years old spring pistol has started making a destressing noise. I’ve had a little go with them and adjusted the sights a bit. Tomorrow I’ll spend a few hours withContinue reading “It’s a matter of opinion.”

Practice makes perfect (or thereabouts).

I’ve spent the morning shooting air pistols as part of several online competitions. This comes off of the back of a month of practice with various pistols. I’ve fired over 700 shots whilst concentrating on different aspects of shooting. One of the stand out moments was getting my Luger replica out. This pistol is notContinue reading “Practice makes perfect (or thereabouts).”

Small steps, small victories, it adds up to something bigger than its parts.

I resolved to fire 50 pellets every day at 6 yards distance to try to improve my shooting. I’ve focused on various aspects of the shooting cycle such as trigger pull, breath control, psychology etc. I’ve managed to do it most days for about 30 days. Today I made a conscious effort to aim forContinue reading “Small steps, small victories, it adds up to something bigger than its parts.”

When the going gets going.

Some good news with regards to work. I’ve asked a few people about their experiences under Covid and it is mostly positive. It looks like the vast majority of people are being sensible. I’m doing a deep clean at home and my daughter has accused me of malicious vacuuming at an ungodly hour. I pointedContinue reading “When the going gets going.”

A problem with pellets.

I was loading pellets into an Umarex .177 magazine when I noticed that some of them are filled with lead and some aren’t. These are all from the same tin. This means they are different weights and will have different flight characteristics. Another tin of pellets has different sizes of head in the tin. SomeContinue reading “A problem with pellets.”

Don’t forget the basics.

It’s strange how we sometimes forget the basics. There are varying schools of thought as to how often you should clean the barrel of your air gun. Some say never, others say after every tin of pellets (500 shots) fired through the gun and a dozen other opinions. What seems to be agreed upon isContinue reading “Don’t forget the basics.”

CO2 .177 Legend S25 Revolver Air Pistol.

When I first saw that Umarex made this pistol I instantly put it on my wishlist. It reminded me of the cop shows from the 1970’s. Shows like Kojak, The Streets of San Francisco and Starskey and Hutch. Every cop had a revolver – even Dirty Harry. The Legend S25 comes with 6 shells thatContinue reading “CO2 .177 Legend S25 Revolver Air Pistol.”

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