Small steps, small victories, it adds up to something bigger than its parts.

I resolved to fire 50 pellets every day at 6 yards distance to try to improve my shooting. I’ve focused on various aspects of the shooting cycle such as trigger pull, breath control, psychology etc. I’ve managed to do it most days for about 30 days. Today I made a conscious effort to aim forContinue reading “Small steps, small victories, it adds up to something bigger than its parts.”

A problem with pellets.

I was loading pellets into an Umarex .177 magazine when I noticed that some of them are filled with lead and some aren’t. These are all from the same tin. This means they are different weights and will have different flight characteristics. Another tin of pellets has different sizes of head in the tin. SomeContinue reading “A problem with pellets.”

Don’t forget the basics.

It’s strange how we sometimes forget the basics. There are varying schools of thought as to how often you should clean the barrel of your air gun. Some say never, others say after every tin of pellets (500 shots) fired through the gun and a dozen other opinions. What seems to be agreed upon isContinue reading “Don’t forget the basics.”

CO2 .177 Legend S25 Revolver Air Pistol.

When I first saw that Umarex made this pistol I instantly put it on my wishlist. It reminded me of the cop shows from the 1970’s. Shows like Kojak, The Streets of San Francisco and Starskey and Hutch. Every cop had a revolver – even Dirty Harry. The Legend S25 comes with 6 shells thatContinue reading “CO2 .177 Legend S25 Revolver Air Pistol.”

Today was a good day.

I had a good day today just getting some storage solutions put up in the garage. What pleased me was it was all wood and fixings that I repurposed. The wood was once part of a bunk bed from 15 years ago. That bed has been involved in many home projects over the years! IContinue reading “Today was a good day.”

I’ve managed to keep it up.

I was going to write a poem but my creative juices aren’t flowing. I’ll console myself with the thought that I have managed to keep to my shooting practice schedule. I had the multishot Walther CP99 out and was trying the speed shooting challenge. Unfortunately I couldn’t complete it successfully. I think I need aContinue reading “I’ve managed to keep it up.”

Weihrauch HW75 Single Stroke Pneumatic Pistol.

The SSP engine that drives the pistol makes it very smooth to fire. When you perform the single stroke you compress air into a chamber. You then cock the pistol by pulling back the hammer. When you squeeze the trigger the hammer is released, hits a valve and allows the compressed air into the barrel.Continue reading “Weihrauch HW75 Single Stroke Pneumatic Pistol.”

The name of the game is aim.

I’m trying to improve my pistol shooting skills. I was practicing in my garage and the slightest lapse in concentration can put the pellet a couple of centimetres off target. This is the difference between a bullseye and maximum points to perhaps not even being in the scoring zone. I’m using a Weihrauch hw75 singleContinue reading “The name of the game is aim.”

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