A problem with pellets.

Not all pellets are the same.

I was loading pellets into an Umarex .177 magazine when I noticed that some of them are filled with lead and some aren’t. These are all from the same tin. This means they are different weights and will have different flight characteristics.

Another tin of pellets has different sizes of head in the tin. Some of them are very difficult to fit in the barrel. I’ve not used these pellets before so I don’t know if this is common but I’m a bit disappointed. They are not a budget pellet and come from an international manufacturer of air gun equipment.

I’ll have to see how they perform in the rifles as they are a bit hit and miss (see what I did there?) in the pistols. I can always use these pellets for re-leading barrels after cleaning, so they won’t be wasted. If the worst comes to the worst I can give them to someone else to try once lockdown ends.

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