When the going gets going.

Some good news with regards to work. I’ve asked a few people about their experiences under Covid and it is mostly positive. It looks like the vast majority of people are being sensible.

I’m doing a deep clean at home and my daughter has accused me of malicious vacuuming at an ungodly hour. I pointed out it was half past nine in the morning and she should be up and about.

I was a bit worried that my Gamo P-800 was on it’s last legs as it has started to make a noise after firing. It is a sort of resonating noise for a good second or two. I asked for advice online and the opinion was a broken spring. Today I gave it a good spray with GF45 PTFE solution. That seems to of helped and there is no loss of power, so I am optimistic.

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Some musings on my family and my interests.

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