10 things to do before bedtime?

I’ve been looking at other blogs and Pinterest sites and the “10 things” post is annoyingly common. It would seem 11 is too many and 9 is not enough. I wonder what would happen if the author said “actually I only need 7 things to knock this out of the park” or even said “10? are you mad? I need at least 25!”

I joke of course. We all know life is a knobbly old mess mostly and if you could solve it with a checklist of 10 items we’d all be laughing and eating soup (or do you drink soup? Where’s my checklist?) These lists are just to get your mind focused and thinking. I’m currently trying to get a cleaning routine going as lockdown has made me lazy and these lists are simultaneously funny, stupid, insightful, confusing and though provoking.

I’m managing to get it together slightly but … I’m still slacking.

Published by Funandfamily

Some musings on my family and my interests.

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