Roadmap out of lockdown.

Some light at the end of the tunnel. We should soon be allowed to have family around for food and conversation. Hopefully by the end of March I’ll be able to go to the shooting range again. With luck we can go to a restaurant for my son’s birthday at the end of April. AndContinue reading “Roadmap out of lockdown.”

10 things to do before bedtime?

I’ve been looking at other blogs and Pinterest sites and the “10 things” post is annoyingly common. It would seem 11 is too many and 9 is not enough. I wonder what would happen if the author said “actually I only need 7 things to knock this out of the park” or even said “10?Continue reading “10 things to do before bedtime?”

You must live like animals!

As part of my plan to combat my increasing withdrawal and depression I’m putting together a list of jobs to do around the house. I’m hoping that getting in to a routine and achieving something every day will help. Having a look on Pinterest to get a little help with ideas was an eye opener!Continue reading “You must live like animals!”

It’s worth it in the end.

My injured finger is giving me lots of trouble. The main problem was that with the extra hand washing I had to re-dress the temporary splint several times per day. I decided to buy something more permanent from Amazon and ended up buying 2, just so that I can wash and dry them regularly. IContinue reading “It’s worth it in the end.”

Kids do the funniest things!

It was the first day of home schooling after going into Coronavirus19 lockdown again. My daughter was being cagey, saying her laptop was out of charge but I told her to bring it down stairs anyway and we would charge it as she used it. The truth then came out that she had dropped itContinue reading “Kids do the funniest things!”

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