What a Tanker! Garage Wars.

Had a game of What a Tanker! against gaming pal Dan last night. We played a scenario where the defenders don’t know what road the attacker is on until they try to acquire a target. Is it an enemy tank or a stray cow! BOOM! Burgers. Once the attack is realised the defenders must regroupContinue reading “What a Tanker! Garage Wars.”

Pleased lockdown is lifting.

We had friends over this morning who we’ve not seen for 3 months. I played some What a Tanker! and had a chat. I had a quick lunch and then went to the range to meet up with my shooting friends. I had my BSA Lightening GRT .177 which was a Christmas present that hadContinue reading “Pleased lockdown is lifting.”

40+ Followers. Thank you all.

I’m very grateful to my followers. You give me motivation to keep blogging and your blogs educate me also. I have posted a picture of my home town of Bristol. You can see the world famous Clifton suspension bridge over the Avon Gorge. Wikipedia – Clifton suspension bridge Bristol is a nice city with lotsContinue reading “40+ Followers. Thank you all.”

I’ve shared “A Glimpse of Yosemite” below.

I’ve shared a follower’s blog below. I’ve shared the post A Glimpse of Yosemite as it has some very nice photos of Yosemite national park in America. The blogger has other posts and photos of hikes they have done and I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through their posts. Go check them out.

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