Working on some scenarios for What a Tanker!

Inspired by the book Tank Commander by Bill Close, I’ve been messing around with a couple of scenarios.

Bill Close talks of arriving in Calais in 1940. As soon as the British A10 and A13 Cruisers are unloaded the initial reconnaissances missions run into German Panzer and anti-tank guns. It soon became obvious Calais was surrounded and they had no option but to evacuate. Some of the tanks weren’t even unloaded from the transport ship. Bill was in Calais for 3 days!

My first scenario idea is to have 2 roads that lead to a building. Set up is long ball and I put lots of obstacles down the middle. The defenders need to set up to defend both roads as they don’t know which road the attacker is coming down. The attackers must all be on the same road as they are operating as a unit.

Next is a variation. The defenders are parked up by the buildings and should be roughly equal distance from the roads. There are 4 markers at 1, 2, 3 and 4 foot. The defenders don’t roll command dice until they “detect” the attacker. When an attacker passes a marker, at the end of the whole turn, roll 2D6. At 1st marker you need 8 or more, 2nd marker a 6 or more, then a 4 and finally a roll of double 1 means the defenders are still unaware. After 1 more turn the defenders automatically come into the game and initiative is rolled. The defenders must now swarm out and see off the attack. The attackers must be on the same road.

The defenders are trying to protect the building which is a makeshift supply dump. The attackers are trying to probe the defenders position and if they can drive them off and seize the supplies, so much the better.

Another variation was a different table set up with the defenders taking part from the off. The catch is that the attackers don’t reveal which road they are on until the defenders have line of sight. You can use markers or extra tanks as decoys. All attackers must be on the same road.

Some pictures to help explain.

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