Fantastic day.

The day started well as both my wife and I were working from home and the children were at school. Let’s just say we had a leisurely start to our day.

I earned brownie points by deep cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Everything in there was washed and polished to within an inch of its life! That reminds me, I must remind the children to wring out their flannels, there was limescale on the radiator!

War gamers garage.

I’ve been getting my gaming table in the garage sorted out. The green felt cloth arrived today so I got all my terrain out for the first time in 2 years to see what I have and its condition. I also decided to have a small solo game of What a Tanker! from the Too Fat Lardies. I’m really enjoying that set of rules.

It was such a lovely day that I sat in the sun trap and painted Necrons for the Warhammer 40K game. I hope to use them tomorrow in a game with my son.

Before and after.

I was having such a fun day that about 3pm I suddenly realised I hadn’t received any emails from work. I checked my phone and got an error message. I went in and fired up the laptop. Luckily no-one was trying to reach me. People are winding down for Easter.

I then made up a recipe for dinner. Rice and vegetables, lamb, onion, garlic and Mediterranean spices gave us each a tasty bowl of nosh. My daughter complained but you can’t please everyone 😆

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Some musings on my family and my interests.

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