Mindful eating.

I’ve been working on mindful eating habits for a couple of weeks now and, to be honest, it’s hard for this old dog to learn a new trick!

It’s not really a trick, it’s just that I, like many others, take food for granted. People in the West are now dieing from obesity due to overeating. I’m overweight and part of the program I’m following requires me to practice mindfulness whilst eating.

The basics are to rid yourself of distraction – TV off, phone away, laptop closed etc. I’m supposed to take a bite of food, put my fork down and focus on the food in my mouth. Texture, heat, flavour etc. I’m also supposed to look at the food and be mindful of colour, shape, smell etc.

When I can concentrate on it the process is successful. The idea is that you attune yourself and you recognise when you have eaten enough (less than you my think). I’m successful 30% of the time as I usually shovel my food down whilst chatting with my family and watching TV or checking Facebook or something. Old habits die hard.

I hope to persevere and bump success above 50%. I think it is worth the effort to help me get my weight down.

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