New Year, New Me!

Slightly tongue in cheek but my fitness is shocking following my postponed hip operation and lockdown. I’m the fattest I’ve been in ages and I have hatched a plan.

It’s walking. I’ve got a pedometer on my phone and the app says I need to walk 6000 steps every day to use 2000 calories.

I tested today and found it was just under 1500 steps to the end of the road and back home. Although I found it painful I think it’s do-able on a daily basis (but it may not be necessary on a work day).

I will try some form of calorie control as well later on. Possibly fasting as well, although I’ve tried it before in the winter and it is very hard. I’m feeling positive at the moment!

Bad advice, when using piston powered air rifles.

A follow on to my last range report. Noticeable that evening was one guy had a very powerful gas piston air rifle. What was also VERY noticeable was the scatter gun results he was getting courtesy of the advice he was being given by the resident ‘ex-spurt’ who kept on telling the guy to use […]

Bad advice, when using piston powered air rifles.
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